About Me

My background is engineering, so I’m a curious fellow always going the extra mile to see what’s around the next corner. My passion is traveling to different parts of the world to understand what’s there and to view it, usually through the lens of my camera. There are so many beautiful things, large and small, natural and man-made; some of the most interesting photo opportunities are at the juxtaposition of the two. I generally look for an out-of-the-ordinary perspective or an angle, both literally and figuratively, that others may overlook. And, many times, there’s a fascinating story to go along with the photo, too.

I especially enjoy learning about cultures and wildlife and photographing in countries where traditional ways of life are more prevalent; these are, in many cases, in danger of disappearing. I’m involved with several NGOs with missions in developing countries, so being able to use my photographic skills in support of such is especially gratifying.

Byron Flateland

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